Gen-O-Fix: An embeddable framework for Dynamic Adaptive Genetic Improvement Programming

TitleGen-O-Fix: An embeddable framework for Dynamic Adaptive Genetic Improvement Programming
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSwan, J, Epitropakis, MG, Woodward, JR
Document NumberCSM-195
Date Published01/2014
InstitutionComputing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling
CityStirling FK9 4LA, Scotland
Other NumbersISSN 1460-9673

Genetic Improvement Programming (GIP) is concerned with automating the burden of software maintenance, the most costly phase of the software lifecycle. We describe Gen-O-Fix, a GIP framework which allows a software system hosted on the Java Virtual Machine to be continually improved (e.g. make better predictions; pass more regression tests; reduce power consumption). It is the first exemplar of a dynamic adaptive GIP framework, i.e. it can improve a system as it runs. It is written in the Scala programming language and uses reflection to yield source-to-source transformation. One of the design goals for Gen-O-Fix was to create a tool that is user-centric rather than researcher-centric: the end-user is required only to provide a measure of system quality and the URL of the source code to be improved. We discuss potential applications to predictive, embedded and high-performance systems.

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